Best for Outdoor Use

Travel Light

In doing an outdoor activity, tissue is the necessary item, as you might imagine.
What type of tissue paper do you take to?
Have you ever experienced running out of tissue?
If so, it is a traumatic event, right?
Never worrying about tissue from here on out, I will recommend our Ultra-long toilet paper to outdoor lovers.

Camping, RVs, Boats

There are many kinds of toilet paper for outdoor use.  The feature is “Rapid dissolving” and most of them are “Mega roll”.
Our “Ultra Long” is not made for camping, but it surpasses others in all aspects.
Ultra Long paper feels like strong, but dissolves quickly, you don’t need to worry bout flushing anymore.
In the case of paper length, Ultra Long 6x is probably the longest home-use toilet paper in the world.  It is 300m (984ft) long per roll and super compact.
With just one Ultra-long roll,  it’ll last one week camping even if you are a family of four.

Various Usage

When doing outdoor activities, tissue is used for not only bathroom tissue but also something like wiping cloth.  You might find another good way to use it.

We would like you to discover the new value of our toilet paper.  

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