Launch Brand-new Product

Available on Makuake Store

Hi there!  It’s been a while since I last posted.
This time, I have a good announcement to make.  We launched a brand-new product “marutomi Ultra Long Toilet Paper”.  You can see and buy it on Makuake online store.

This product comes with 2-ply 150m 1000 sheets.  It is packed with Japaneseness.

What is Makuake?

Makuake is a crowdfunding service that started in Japan in 2013.
There is also an online shopping site for overseas, and products can be delivered to the UK, EU, Taiwan, and Singapore.

The Makuake page introduces the products in detail, so please take a look.
We will continue to develop products for everyone in the world.
See you next time. (English) (繁體字)

*You can change the country settings at the bottom of the product page. Prices vary by country.

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