New Product “Cocochi”

12 Rolls Paper Packaging

Previously, I introduced Green Tea Roll.  It was redesigned and we produced a new item called  Cocochi.  

Cocochi also has green tea scent and it is 3-ply toilet paper.  So, what has changed at all?

I’d say, first of all, the name was changed.  Cocochi means some kind of feeling or mood.  Japanese people say “cocochi-yoi” which means “comfortable” or “pleasant” something like a situation of good feeling.

The second change is it became paper packaging.   12-roll packs of paper packaging is a first for Japan.  

The third change is its quality.  The Paper got softer and the scent became to appeal to more people’s tastes.  

If you got interested in this green toilet paper, I’d love you to use it.  Please wait until it is available in your country.  

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