Our Mascot “Tomir”

Toilet Paper Character

Have you ever seen a character in the shape of toilet paper?
Even toilet paper brands, don’t create toilet roll mascots.  We often see a baby, a teddy, and a doggy in their packages but why?  Why is a toilet roll character such rare?  I don’t know the reason, maybe I just don’t know.

MARUTOMI Official Mascot

Anyway, what I want to say today is that our company has a toilet paper mascot.  It is named Tomir.  He appears on Twitter a lot.

And he has many friends.  Even though they haven’t had names yet, you can see them on our Japanese website.

Actually, Kanazawa Makoto, the famous Japanese illustrator, made these characters.  We are deeply honored to be got cute mascots from him.

And we made stuffed toys of Tomir.  The pictures below are Japanese sightseeing spots with Tomir.

Let’s check out our SNS!  Even though it’s written in Japanese, you’ll understand its cuteness.  We would be happy if you enjoy it.

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