MARUTOMI Original Mega Roll

Ultra Long Series

Exchanging toilet paper is such a pain, you know.  These days, a lot of tissue companies have manufactured Mega Roll.  Mega rolls make your daily life more convenient, right?

Our mega rolls are called Ultra Long, and it is much different from other countries’ ones.
The features of Ultra Long are firstly such a beautifulness.  The cut section of a roll is a kind of artwork.  A roll doesn’t have paper dust which means you can use it cleanly.

The second specialty is that Ultra Long rolls don’t have paper cores.  That helps to reduce waste and stress.

The third specialty is that the paper texture is nice and smooth.  The smoothness is our strong point. Once you have used it, you get to love it.
Perhaps the popular toilet paper now is soft and strong.  You rarely buy 1-ply rolls, don’t you?  Why don’t you step outside the box and try something new?
Maybe Ultra Long will give you a new feeling, it will be beyond your imagination.

Let’s give it try!