Paper & Paper [Part 1]

Paper Packaging of Ultra Long

Recently more and more products have substituted paper for plastic.  For example, KitKat in paper packaging, bubble tea with a paper straw, Uber food in paper box, etc.

As a Japanese leading tissue company, we tried to adapt paper packaging for toilet paper a few years ago.  And then, we successes to produce paper packaging merchandise in 2021.
But it took a long time to put it to commercialize.  We didn’t prepare a paper packaging machine, we have been using the existing packing machine that was customized.

The development of a paper handle was also a difficult part of its birth.  Before the product release, we changed handles’ materials again and again.

Therefore our paper packaging product is full of ideas and passion.  Now we are really glad to put it out into the world.

This item has a lot of points that we would like you to find and feel.

Please touch it if you have the chance.