There Are “Kawaii” Rolls!

Is there any cute toilet paper in your country?
Haven’t you been tired of white ones?
Why don’t you use printed rolls for a change?

Designed rolls definitely make your bathroom mare fancy, and also you will have fun using them.

There are various printed rolls in our products.
Printed color rolls are a common pattern.  The unique one is using white ink on white paper that looks like a watermark pattern.  It is a motif of Japanese traditional crafts.

Moreover, there are character-printed rolls.  You are really interested in characters, aren’t you?  Those are so Kawaii products.  We won’t be able to sell character items overseas right now, but we would like to produce and sell character rolls you like.



Our printed rolls are not only Kawaii but also comfortable to use.
Fregrance is another feature of them.  Let’s check them out!